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In recent years, foreign language education has become a key element of development for universities. Universities are evaluated based on their ability to offer foreign language education to the community, businesses, and local governments. Following the suggestion by the Department of Higher Education in its evaluation report of September 8, 1996, we founded the foreign language center.


The Languages Education center has been established to enhance the humanistic education of this University, to strengthen the students’ language ability and their future competitiveness, and to promote specialization in languages.


The short-term objective is:

1. To offer required basic English courses to freshman and sophomore students;

2. To offer all language courses to meet the needs at all levels in the university;

3. To offer after school activities for people who need or want more practice;

4. To offer English language course first, followed by other language courses.

The long-term objective is:

1. To cooperate with other departments to meet their language course needs

2. To promote all kinds of foreign language proficiency tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, GEPT, JLPT, etc.

3.To offer language courses requested by businesses or local governments


The Language Center is currently located at the Room LC101, the Languages Education Center building. The center is equipped with a director office and an administration office with the spatial area as large as 34 square meters.

In addition to the Director Office, the Administration Office, the Meeting Room, and several faculty research rooms, the new Language Center will be equipped with several specially-established areas including the  International Culture Exchange Station, the Pleasure Reading Corner, the Chatting Corner, and the Discussion Room, etc.